20.jul.2024:Winter is at its peak in this part of the world. Here I share some musical purchases of the last few months.

Black Witchery - Equimanthorn plus Store's T-shirt

Striborg - Cryfemal

Pappo's Blues - Babasonicos - Kyuss - Todos Tus Muertos x 2 - Astor Piazolla

new haircut, same face tho

18.jun.2024: This days Im revamping / remastering my album "Deep Slow Majesty"(Black Drone Records,2009)
That album had some production issues that deserves be fixed to expand its content in all its original splendor.
I divide my time between that work and the production of my next new full album.
Soon more news.

14.may.2024: testing a player on index from Crepuscular's account.

04.may.2024: a demo track from new material Im working on, "Stele Of The Vultures" by Crepuscular on Soundcloud

crepuscular · Stele Of The Vultures [demo]
29.april.2024 : new track : "Anamnesis" on Soundcloud

crepuscular · Anamnesis

09.april.2024 :  redesigning the whole site, fixing stuff, adding info.
02.april.2024: I've found this mix I made on 2011, "The Automaton Winter Theatre : musick selection to honor the beginning of winter",including tracks from artists I like and admire ( Merzbow, Nordvargr, Lunus, Subklinik, Linija Mass,Nicole 12, Bocksholm,Melek-Tha..) + some tracks by me.
Listen  it on youtube HERE . You can downloading for free   HERE .
 Pure Industrial Dark Ambient !!

24.march.2024: new demo excerpt, "The Intensity Of The Impending Collapse", on my soundcloud
13.feb.2024: excerpt from incoming new EP, "Icecore Sovndktvary", cold ambient with minimal traces of melody
and unusual sounds here and there, dont worry, nothing overly emotional or cheese :D
listen it HERE
02.feb.24:new track also a video for it Introspective
22.jan.2024: "Morgue Arkitektura" complete on youtube with visualizers specially made for each track
Morgue Arkitektura visualizer

31.dec.2023: new track "023~024" Track made on 31-12-23, a minimalistic dark drone sonic bridge between 2023 / 2024.
14.Dec.2023: new 2 tracks EP, "Sicknology" for earsheltering label.
Get it at name your price HERE