Who, what, why

My name is Angel.
This is the site of my musical entity : Crepuscular.
I make Post-Industrial Ambient Music , a mix of dark ambient music with industrial influences.
Releases  on physical & digital, I've made some ocassional live appereances here and there.
Hailing from Argentina, born in 1976, around 1992 played in some bands.
 After some years I decided to quit playing in bands and to follow my own musical path.
On 2001 starting recording noises on homemade tapes.
Crepuscular officialy surfaced on 2006.  
Nature, art and science amaze me.
(the why continues below my pic )

crepuscular pic

Why "post-industrial music "?
because original industrial music teach us about return to DIY, using what you got to do what you wanna do: pure will of creation
Post-industrial because I dont made pure industrial music, I use some ideas and inspiration from industrial
to develop my own stuff.
So , I use computers, field recordings, electric guitar, old hardware, fx stomps,
anything that produces any interesting sound or noise for my musical ideas.

As Crepuscular my goal is to create music
that stimulate subjectivity, introspection and the expansion of perception.
Without denying my influences and inspirations, which are many and of different kinds,
I try to develop my own sound, my own sonic stamp
In these times where everything has already been created,
I think it is necessary to re-take the risk and the adventure in the creation process.
My greatest musical ambition is to escape the barrier of time:
that my music cannot be related to any specific decade or year.

Why  "ambient" music?
Ambient music its the ultimate freedom for creation, no boundaries,
not space time continuum, weightless, you can go deep into the nothingness,
lost yourself into abyssal landscapes or float into luminous endless whirpools.

ambient  music = total freedom